Welcome to Inotek and its subsidiaries in Norway and abroad!

Inotek AS is the only Norwegian provider of full-scale thermography, mapping and analysing of all outer parts of any building.

Our reports come with comprehensive and thorough descriptions of building heat loss, faults, leaks and other defects with a potential to develop negatively.

Further, we provide our clients with financial calculations regarding energy-loss, CO2-emissions and what it takes to get things straight and repair damages again.

Our services give property owners, managers, lenders, insurers and investors highly valuable Strategic Asset Information regarding the state of any property, and a state-of-the-art report to base important decisions upon.

We are now expanding into Sweden and other European countries, and welcome new clients abroad as well as partners with whom we can work together to expand our markets.

Inotek energikartlegging av glassfasade

Based in Norway, Inotek AS has in a very short time demonstrated that our technology, competence and services are of high value for our customers and clients. This is due to several circumstances:

  • Legal, with UN and EU setting targets for emission, sustainability and the environmental quality of buildings
  • Mandatory reporting on taxonomy
  • The persistent growth of energy prices has created a need for buildings with enhanced heat insulation.
  • Regulations regarding energy labeling
  • In general, more focus on sensible use of energy

Inotek uses drones with high resolution thermal cameras to collect vast amounts of data from all outer parts of any building. Through a very sophisticated use of analysing tools (including Artificial intelligence) and in-house competence, we are able to detect, analyse, describe and propose actions regarding problems found on and in the entire exterior of buildings of any age, size, use or construction type.

The key benefits with drones and external mapping are that it allows non-destructive and non-contact assessment of the structure to be carried out. Large areas of buildings can be scanned and assessed in a relatively short time, without interrupting the daily use of the building (e.g. hotels and shopping malls can do business as usual).

Inotek energikartlegging av moderne bygg

What we detect:

  • Building heat loss
  • Thermal bridges
  • The quality of thermal insulation
  • Excessive air infiltration around the building fabric
  • Defects that reduce the efficiency of insulation
  • Structural damp and leak tracing (in the roof, walls, floors, windows or doors)
  • Verifying that construction work has been carried out properly

We do also scan and control solar screens as well as surveying the quality and state of roofs and walls before panels are being mounted.

Property owners, investors, builders, facility managers, surveyors, loss adjusters and many other building professionals, as well as individual homeowners, can benefit from thermal imaging surveys.

The US Energy Department recommends that in addition to use thermography during an energy assessment, you should have a scan done before purchasing a building or a house as even new buildings and houses can have defects in their thermal envelopes.

Thermographic inspections uncover errors and produce professional measurements to precisely localize defects: GPS coordinates are stored in each saved infrared image, which are also supported by an image in RGB/visible light for easier recognition.

Clients can expect to receive a comprehensive and detailed report which can be used for successful improvement of the building in question. Time and money saved!